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Our specialties include a variety of pediatric and adult eye care solutions.

Are you tired of Glasses and Contacts?


Do you ever dream of waking up with perfect vision? With sleepSEE orthokeratology lenses, you can wake up to 20/20 every morning… without the need of glasses, daytime contact lenses, or undergoing surgery!
sleepSEE lenses provide a non-surgical option for patients who prefer a non-invasive method of vision correction.


These lenses are safe for children 6 and up, and even have the ability to slow down or stop the progression of nearsightedness in children’s eyes. To find out if you or your child is a sleepSEE candidate, call our office to schedule your consultation. The process only takes 10-15 minutes and can be completed at the same time as your yearly eye exam!

*Learn more about how sleepSEE lenses work by visiting the sleepSEE website!